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Toronto-based Town 30 has launched the Emissary Series camera bag on Kickstarter, where it is seeking funding for production. The Emissary camera bag is tailored specifically to photographers' needs. This includes attachable pockets, a removable laptop compartment, a locking mechanism inspired by film-advance levers, a lens cap mount, and more. In addition, the bag is being offered in two iterations able to accommodate different types of gear.

The camera bag is being offered in two initial models: the Burzin, and the Cumbysis, both available in green, black, and leather. The Burzin is designed to accommodate a 13-inch laptop and smaller cameras, and the Cumbysis is designed to hold 15-inch laptops and larger cameras. Both versions feature the aforementioned locking mechanism, which is designed for one-handed use. In addition, the side of the bag features a round metallic lens cap mount for affixing a lens cap; it is tapered inward and compatible with many different cap sizes. The removable storage pockets, meanwhile, are backed with Velcro allowing them to be rearranged based on needs. 

The Emissary Series is being funded on Kickstarter, where Town 30 is promising the Burzin in black or green to backers for $295 USD, and the Cumbysis in black or green for $319 USD. Both products are estimated to begin shipping in August of this year.