Peter iNova, with Uwe Steinmueller has announced the availability of his latest eBook uncovering secrets and workarounds for the Nikon D70. Its 14 chapters cover RAW image conversion, operation, a self-guided digital photography course as well as advanced problem solving. Over 140 new Actions have also been made to the exclusive requirement of D70 images for colorimetry, noise control, printing setup and barrel distortion elimination.

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Press Release:

DSLR: Nikon™ D70 is a new eBook from authors Peter iNova and Uwe Steinmueller.

Geared to the D70 photographer, the eBook reveals a depth of techniques, lore, secrets, work-arounds and surprises found nowhere else. Disclosures reveal the camera, lenses and system accessories of this highly capable dSLR and give D70 photographers a distinct edge as they track down and capture images of many kinds. Numerous images are interactive on the page, and hyperlinks connect ideas all through the eBook. Some open your Internet browser and link you instantly to pages on the Web.

The D70 eBook comes with all display software needed for Mac and Windows.

Fourteen chapters in two volumes cover the things D70 photographers want and need to know:

  • Digital photographic technologies
  • Historical perspectives
  • Color and optical theory
  • Basic / intermediate / advanced digital image manipulation
  • RAW image conversion for the D70 by Uwe Steinmueller
  • D70 Camera system operation (camera, lenses, flash)
  • The top 45 D70 photographic problems and their solutions
  • A 22 exercise self-guided digital photography course
  • Digital printing
  • Digital special effects production
  • 35 Vexing questions (advanced problem solving)
  • iNovaFX Photoshop Actions for the D70 system
  • Interactive Appendix with live Internet links
  • Index
  • D70 Gallery of images from 13 D70 photographers

Plus a whole lot more.

Included with the eBook are 460+ iNovaFX Photoshop Actions that perform six vital functions on images. Rescue from errors, filtrations that can be applied after exposure, conversions to art and graphic forms, enhancements to clean up images, special effects and preparations for printing are joined by many that defy categorization. Over 140 new Actions are made to the exclusive requirements of D70 images for colorimetry, noise control, printing setup and barrel distortion elimination, including the incredible iBCFisheye10.5 group that turn Nikkor DX fisheye images into perfectly rectilinear hyper wide-angle shots with an amazing 160° field of view. (small before/after images enclosed)

Demo software includes Photoshop, 20/20 MD, PhotoRescue and more.

DSLR: Nikon D70, 446 pages, 1100 images, illustrations, animations and graphics: $49.95 US plus shipping.