Pentax has updated their 330 and 430 models as well as confirming the 'Digibino' DB-100. The 'RS' suffix for the 330 and 430 represents a variety of improvements over the previous cameras; improved LCD monitor (although still low 80,000 pixel resolution), improved performance (shot to shot time), filter modes, 3D mode (similar to Optio 230), easy view mode (a shooting priority play mode). Additionally the 'RS' cameras now feature 11 MB of internal RAM which allows you to shoot even when your CF card is full.

Press release (Pentax UK):

Pentax Optio 333 RS and Optio 430 RS

The success story continues - still the smallest in their class*

With the new Optio 330 RS and Optio 430 RS digital cameras, Pentax again presents two trendsetters for the photo summer 2002. The second generation of the best-selling Optio family impresses with the modern modification of a successful concept. The outer appearance of the two cameras in the micro-compact format with a stainless-steel case was subjected to only minor modifications. However, a lot has been changed on the inside. For example, attractive features have been added to the demanding equipment. State-of-the-art technology in a camera the size of a pack of playing cards at a remarkable price - the new Pentax digital cameras are once again among the smallest models in their class. Beginning in June 2002 they will elicit enthusiasm from all photographers who want high-quality performance and an exclusive design.

* - Smallest 3 Mp 3x optical zoom, and 4Mp 3x optical zoom.

Perfection in the most popular class - The pinnacle in the top segment

The three megapixel category will probably become the most popular standard class in 2002. The Optio 330 was already among the top sellers in this segment in 2001. The new Optio 330 RS will continue this success.

Just like the Optio 430 RS, which appears identical on the outside and is positioned in the high-end area of four million pixels. In addition to the model designation on the front plate, the distinguishing characteristic is the colored acrylic ring around the lens. The Optio 330 RS can be identified from the blue ring, and the Optio 430 RS from the orange ring.

Both models are equipped with the innovative Pentax 3x zoom lens (equivalent to 37-111 mm in the 35 mm format) that, due to a unique retraction mechanism for the lens barrel, easily fits into the compact body (just 92 mm wide, 59 mm high and 31 mm deep). The camera weighs only 240 g with the battery. The small dimensions are made possible by combining the CPU, ASIC and memory chip on a single MCM (Multi-Chip Module).

Effective 3.2 megapixels or 4.0 megapixels with a primary-colour filter and advanced image processing technology already ensures perfect pictures during exposure.
With five program modes, (Standard, Close-Up, Manual, Video and Multiple Exposure), a USB port, a 1.6 inch precision monitor, the latest preview functions and five white balance functions, it has a wide range of modern digital camera features. The pictures are saved on a CompactFlash I card.

The Optio 330 RS / 430 RS also offers a number of user-friendly functions for virtually any photographic situation. Autofocus, manual focusing, autoflash, automatic programs, a macro function and many other features characterize the creative photographic potential of these great little models. Photos up to 20 x 30 cm in size are no problem with these cameras. The DPOF function optimizes printing on home printers also equipped for DPOF. And video sequences of up to 30 seconds can also be recorded.

Clever new features

New on the Optio 330 RS / 430 RS is an improved 1.6 inch LCD monitor with a resolution of 80,000 pixels. It makes picture evaluation even easier, even with detailed display.

The firmware has been optimized so that pictures are taken faster. This means the camera is available again more quickly after taking a photo, and a quick "second shot" is no longer a problem. The new 3D mode integrated for the first time in the Optio 230 entry-level model enables two identical pictures to be taken that are printed out on one photo (9 x 13 cm) and allow fascinating three-dimensional impressions with the included 3-D viewer.

Integrated digital filters permit the photographer to intervene creatively in the coloration of the picture. Monochrome, sepia, a purple filter and various other tones can be added artificially to intensify the mood of a subject in a certain direction.

A practical detail: the Optio 330 RS / 430 RS are equipped with an integrated 11 MB memory. The photographer is no longer dependent on memory cards alone. This means the decisive shot can always be taken, even when the memory card is already full.

The Optio 330 RS is the ideal choice for virtually any photographic situation. It's extremely small, super handy, classy and it's equipped with high-quality features for demanding photographic requirements. It impresses with a perfect camera concept in the main digital segment.

For hobby photographers who need more picture information in order, for example, to produce individual prints with a size of 20 x 30 cm and larger, the Optio 430 RS with its 4-megapixel CCD is a great choice.

Major Features

1. A compact body with a refined, stylish design

The exterior of the Optio430RS and the Optio330RS have been stylishly crafted from stainless steel. This makes them feel surprisingly comfortable in the hand and also gives them an air of sleek elegance. Acrylic has been used for the area surrounding the base of the lens in a manner that enhances the appearance of both models from a range of different angles. The combined effect of these two design elements results in two cameras that are more desirable to own and to use. These designs have also been made more compact through the incorporation of an ultra-compact zoom lens, which retracts in two stages whenever the power is switched off. The Optio430RS and the Optio330RS also employ the newly developed Multi Chip Module (MCM), which integrates the CPU, ASIC, and the memory chip for a more compact overall structure.

2. Ultra-compact, optical 3X zoom lens

Both of these convenient new additions to the Optio range feature an ultra compact, high-performance 3X optical zoom lens. This achieves images with satisfyingly high resolution and low-level distortion and is easy to operate with the handy zoom button. Zooming performance is extended with 2X digital zoom capacity, which allows smooth zooming action and realises a total capability of 6X zoom when combined with the power of the lens.

3. Digital precision with 4.0 and 3.2 megapixels (effective pixels)

Precision imaging is, of course, not confined to the lens and zooming mechanisms, indeed both the Optio430RS and the Optio330RS also excel in terms of image recording. They make use of advanced image processing technology and offer the precision of 4.0 and 3.2 megapixels respectively. In fact the level of quality achieved by these cameras makes them ideal not only for the viewing of shots but for the production of images with much greater artistic creativity.

4. Simple operation

Through the incorporation of a newly developed image processing circuit, the Optio430RS and the Optio330RS offer surprisingly simple operation. They also feature an improved Easy View function which allows the simple playback of images via use of the central button of the four-way controller. For additional shooting ease, the Optio430RS and the Optio330RS are always ready to shoot. Indeed all you ever have to do is point and press the shutter, so there is never an excuse for missing the action. Manual selection of shooting modes is also possible when you want a greater degree of control and this has also been made simple with a single dial that allows you to choose from Standard, Night Scene, Metered Manual, Movie, 3D image and Digital Filter modes. A lot of attention has been paid to ergonomics in the design of the Optio430RS and the Optio330RS and this is immediately apparent in terms of the buttons. For shooting and playback functions that are used frequently, these two cameras feature standalone buttons for easy access. They also offer Quick deletion and Quick enlargement for greater convenience.

5. 3D image mode for stereoscopic shooting

Both the Optio430RS and the Optio330RS add a new dimension to digital photography with the innovative 3D image mode. This feature for stereoscopic shooting provides pictures that have a genuine sense of depth and perspective when viewed through the special 3D viewer provided.

6. Digital filter mode for greater creative freedom

Digital filter mode gives you the power to control the tone of your pictures. Achieving similar effects as conventional filters, this feature gives you a choice of monochrome and sepia shooting as well as a range of other tones (red, pink, yellow, green, light blue, blue and purple). The purple filter could be used, for example, to add mood to a sunset and tone down elements of yellow and orange. In addition to changing tone, subjects can also be made to look more slender through use of the Slim filter, which also offers different degrees of slimming.

Other features

1. Easy PC connection and USB compatibility*

A key advantage of digital photography is, of course, the ability to transmit your shots to a PC. These cameras make this process simple through connection to a USB cable, allowing you to import your shots into a wide range of common applications with speed and ease. This USB convenience also means that you can transmit a number of images simultaneously.

*System requirements: PC running Windows 98/98SE, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP Home Edition/Professional or Mac OS 8.6 or higher (installation of the included driver software is required, except in the case of Mac 0S 9.0 or higher). Compliance with the aforementioned system requirements does not guarantee USB compatibility.

2. Additional software included

The Optio430RS and the Optio330RS are each sold with a CD-ROM included. This contains a USB driver as well as the popular ACDSee(tm) application and is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

3. Built-in auto flash

The Optio430RS and the Optio330RS are equipped with an auto flash that discharges when shooting in low-light conditions. Flash-on, flash-off, red-eye reduction*, and Night Scene modes including slow shutter sync can also be selected.

*This feature does not eliminate "red eyes" in all instances.

4. Precision LCD monitor

The high resolution, 1.6 inch LCD monitor offers a 100% view of the frame for precision composition. It is also handy for viewing images you have just taken.

5. Optical Viewfinder

The viewfinder of the Optio430RS and the Optio330RS offers actual image zoom. It lets you conserve power by switching off the LCD monitor and also allows diopter adjustment.

6. Digital zoom

Not only are the Optio430RS and the Optio330RS capable of optical 3X zoom, they also provide the additional power of 2X digital zoom for a combined capacity of 6X zooming.

7. Nine-image display and Zoom display

Nine recorded images can be simultaneously displayed on the screen to make the search for recorded images so much faster. The screen is also capable of displaying images with 4X magnification, which means that you can check the focus and inspect small details on recorded shots.

8. A selection of shooting modes

The Optio430RS and the Optio330RS have a range of shooting modes that can be selected with the turn of a dial. Movie mode* lets you record video clips of up to 30 seconds in length at 15 frames per second, with a resolution of 320 X 240 pixels. These clips are recorded in AVI format for the added convenience of simple playback on PC. The Optio430RS and the Optio330RS also offer the versatility of Standard, Night Scene, Metered Manual, 3D image and Digital Filter modes, which allow the cameras to deliver pleasing performance in a range of different situations.

*System requirements for use of the Movie function: PCs running Windows 98/98SE or Windows 2000 operating systems which came with Windows Media Player attached and have DirectX 8.0 or higher installed. PCs running Windows Me or Windows XP operating systems featuring Windows Media Player or Quick Time 3.0 or higher. Macintosh machines running operating systems, which came with Quick Time 4.0 or higher attached.

9. Convenient self-timer

The Optio430RS and the Optio330RS are equipped with a convenient self-timer that allows you to get in the shot and helps to avoid camera shake during longer exposures.

10. Optional remote controller

For even further convenience, there are two optional remote controllers available for the Optio430RS and the Optio330RS. Known as the E-type and F-type controllers, they allow three-second shutter release as well as immediate shutter release.

11. Continuous shooting

A function for continuous shooting allows you to take multiple frames of action scenes in quick succession. It can be used to capture an entire chain of events or simply to provide you with a range of shots to choose from.

12. Interval shooting

This fun feature allows you to set the time to start shooting, the interval between shots, and the number of frames, in order to record events or processes that occur over a longer period of time. This feature is ideal, for example, for taking a series of shots that capture the action of a flower blooming.

13. Time-lapse video

Based upon interval shooting, this creative mode runs all of the frames in order as a short film. This time-lapse photography effect can be used to create scenes of clouds rushing across the sky or to exaggerate scenes of rush hour traffic for example. With this handy function, the creative possibilities are literally infinite and there is even a selection of settings that allows you to play the video at different speeds - simply choose from X2, X5, X10, X50, or X100.

14. Infinity-landscape mode and macro shooting mode

Infinity-landscape mode is ideal for shooting scenic landscapes and even achieves appropriate focus when shooting through windows. Both the Optio430RS and the Optio330RS also possess macro shooting modes, which allow shots to be taken from a distance of just 0.14m (0.46ft) in wide angle position.

15. Manual focus

There are times when it is difficult to achieve precise focus on your subject, and that's when it is best to choose manual focus. This function also allows the central part of the frame to be enlarged on the LCD monitor so that you can achieve the sharpest degree of focus possible.

16. Choice of autofocus

Both the Optio430RS and the Optio330RS offer a choice of autofocus settings. 7-point autofocus allows you to place greater focal emphasis on the subject by making a subtle reduction in the sharpness of the background. There is also Spot AF, which provides you with greater compositional freedom by letting you place the center of focus anywhere in the frame.

17. LED indicator

The Optio430RS and the Optio330RS both feature a small LED. This indicates the activation of the shutter when using the self-timer and is also useful for autofocus when shooting in low-light conditions.

18. White Balance Mode

The Optio430RS and the Optio330RS are capable of dealing with various kinds of light without compromising quality. This is because they are equipped with White Balance Mode which allows the selection of settings for Auto, Daylight, Shade, Tungsten Light, and Fluorescent Light, preserving natural colours in each set of circumstances. There is also a manual setting which gives you more creative freedom to experiment.

19. Histogram display

Light levels can be checked with accuracy, thanks to a detailed histogram display. It can be used during both playback and shooting and can be great for letting you know when to recompose and shoot again before leaving a scene.

20. Metering options

The style of metering can be changed to fit the kind of subject or personal preference. This versatile feature gives you the choice of multi-segment metering, center-weighted metering, and spot metering.

21. Light sensitivity

Light sensitivity can also be adjusted with ease. The Optio430RS offers a selection of settings for ISO 125 and ISO 250, while the Optio330RS offers the choice of ISO 100 and ISO 200. Both cameras also feature an auto setting.

22. Exposure control

The Optio430RS and the Optio330RS are capable of exposure compensation across a range of ±2EV in steps of 1/3EV. This makes it much easier to obtain shots the way you desire.

23. Settings for sharpness, saturation, and contrast

In order to give you even greater control over the outcome of each shot, the Optio430RS and the Optio330RS allow sharpness, saturation and contrast to be set the way you wish with three grades for each.

24. Image protection

With digital photography it can be very easy to delete images at the touch of a button. The addition of the Image protection function to these two new models from Pentax helps you to make sure that you only delete the shots you do not need and that your favourite pictures remain safe.

25. Mode memory function

The useful mode memory function lets you save a combination of settings at once. Simply select the settings that produce results you like and then return to them automatically the next time you switch the power on.

26. World time function

Both of the new Optio models have a handy world time function. This is extremely convenient when you want to take these compact cameras on holiday as they can display the time in 62 cities around the world. This function also records the time each shot was taken, allowing easy organisation upon your return.

27. Alarm clock

As these new models from Pentax were designed with convenience in mind, it made sense to provide them with an alarm clock. The cameras can be set to display a selected image when you wake up or to show an image of something related to your schedule.

28. DPOF function

DPOF compatibility can be activated with a simple set-up procedure. The DPOF function then activates automatically when using DPOF-compatible
printers to give control over the number of printouts and the date function. It also allows the user to crop prints as desired.

29. Exif Print (Exif2.2) and PRINT Image Matching II compatibility

The Optio430RS and the Optio330RS offer the convenience of printer connectivity. What's more, they provide even greater quality printouts when connected to Exif-compatible printers. Each of these cameras is also compatible with PRINT Image Matching, which gives the finished print a closer resemblance to the picture you originally desired. It achieves this through creating a stronger link between camera and printer and gives you significantly greater control over output.

30. 11MB Built-in flash memory

With an 11MB built-in Flash memory, both of these models give you the added convenience of being able to store approximately ??? images with 1600 x 1200 recorded pixels in the "Better" quality setting, without the need to add additional recording media.

31. CompactFlash compatibility

Both the Optio430RS and the Optio330RS are CompactFlash compatible. It is also easy to transfer images between CompactFlash media and the built-in memory.

32. File size adjustment

In order to free up memory space, recorded images can be adjusted at a later time to become lighter in terms of data. The number of recorded pixels can be altered, the level of quality can be reduced, and more images can be stored as a result.

33. Image cropping

Images can be cropped or parts of images can be selected on their own and stored as completely different files.

34. Start-up screen customisation

You will grow so attached to the Optio430RS and the Optio330RS that you will soon want to personalise them. That's when you will find how easy it is to select one of your favourite shots for use as the start-up screen.

35. Power sources

The Optio430RS and the Optio330RS can be powered by an exclusive rechargeable lithium-ion battery or by an optional AC adapter.

36. Multilingual operation

Convenient multilingual operation allows all menus and messages to be displayed in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, or Japanese.

36. Waterproof Case O-WP1 *

The O-WP1 case lets you relax whenever you are on the beach or taking shots near water. It is made from a tough polycarbonate resin and guards your Optio camera against damage from water. The case also allows the camera to be submersed and withstand pressure up to a depth of up to 40m, so you can even use it while scuba diving!

*Also suitable for use with the Optio330 and the Optio430.

Pentax Digibino DB100: Farsighted digital innovation

The new Pentax Digibino DB-100 is the world's first binocular with an integrated digital camera and LCD monitor. It's the ultimate digital fun for trendy outdoor events and records what until now has remained hidden to amateur digital photography. The super-chic, small and handy Pentax Digibino DB-100 has the potential to become the event hit of the 2002 season. Certainly unusual, until now even impossible, highly detailed Digibino photos can be printed as good quality 31/2 x 5 in prints, or are suitable for modern visual image communication via the Internet and e-mail.

This is partially ensured by the 7x magnification, which corresponds to a 280mm telephoto lens in 35 mm format, and a resolution of 800,000 pixels. The revolutionary Digibino DB-100 functions like a digital camera in a pair of roof prism binoculars. The shutter speeds range from 1/30 to 1/8000 second for a wide range of different lighting situations or moving subjects. The Digibino DB-100 is equipped with a fold-out 1.6 inch TFT-LCD monitor for checking picture composition, offers manual focusing and an automatic white balance function. Additionally, a USB connection and an AV output permit quick downloads and large-screen image viewing. The shortest distance for taking photos is 6.5 ft (2 m). At five pictures per second photo sequences are no problem. The built-in memory has a capacity of 16 MB which allows approximately 100 pictures to be saved at one time.

The high-tech trendsetter records all the subjects that the great outdoors and world of leisure events has to offer. From close-ups of the stars on a far-away concert stage, daring jumps at snowboard, surfing or downhill competitions, great performances on the golf course, to shy animals in the wild or unique shots of exotic places. The most impressive and successful images are those which the photographer catches without being noticed.

The Pentax Digibino DB-100 is designed for spontaneous fun photography with natural - not posed - candid shots. It opens up a kaleidoscope of completely new dimensions for amateur digital photography and will be available from July 2002.

Major features of the DIGIBINO DB100:

1. The power of 800,000 pixels and 7X magnification

With a 1/3 inch progressive CCD and 800,000 pixels, the DIGIBINO DB100 captures distant objects with precision. Such imaging excellence also means that images can later be enlarged while still retaining impressive clarity. Pentax advanced digital technology also allows the DIGIBINO DB100 to achieve impressive 7X magnification equivalent to a 280mm lens in 35mm format.

2. Progressive CCD

The DIGIBINO DB100 is equipped with a progressive CCD, which allows high-speed shutter release that can be advantageous when capturing fast-moving subjects.

3. Convenient Flash memory

With 16MB of built-in Flash memory, the DIGIBINO DB100 is capable of recording and storing up to 100 pictures in Fine mode. Capacity of this kind has done away with the need for external memory. 4. Space-efficient JPEG format imaging All images can be easily stored as JPEG files - a space-efficient format that retains a high level of image quality and is compatible with a wide range of PC applications.

5. Precision 1.6 inch LCD panel

For standard binocular-style viewing, the DIGIBINO DB100 offers twin lenses. It also incorporates a handy 1.6 inch LCD panel, which allows a clear view of your subject and assists when composing shots for recording.

6. An impressive range of shutter speeds from 1/8000 - 1/30 Sec.

The DIGIBINO DB100 is exceptionally useful in a myriad of situations. For those wishing to view and record distant scenery or low-light subjects, exposure speeds as slow as 1/30 sec. offer high-level versatility. For those wishing to capture wildlife and other moving subjects, the DIGIBINO DB100 also has shutter speeds of up to 1/8000 sec.

7. The simplicity and versatility of USB connectivity

USB compatibility gives the DIGIBINO DB100 maximum versatility. It allows you to import recorded images into a range of popular PC applications with ease or to send images attached to e-mail.

8. AV output adds more options for display

Recorded images can be easily viewed at any time on the 1.6 inch LCD screen. For additional versatility, however, the DB100 can also be connected to a TV.

9. Manual focus for greater control

Manual focus allows greater control and makes it easy to place greater emphasis on any subject within the field of view. For further convenience, focal adjustment on the binoculars is inter-linked with that of the camera.

10. Compatible with AA and CR-V3 batteries

The DIGIBINO DB100 can be powered by two AA size lithium, or AA size nickel batteries. It is also compatible with lithium CR-V3 batteries for further convenience. Such battery sizes can be found for sale virtually anywhere, making the DIGIBINO DB100 an ideal travel companion.

11. Program auto exposure control

For additional ease of use, the DIGIBINO DB100 offers auto exposure. Not only does this achieve combinations of aperture and shutter that fit the subject, it also gives the user the freedom to concentrate on viewing and composition.

12. Fully automatic TTL white balance

Fully automatic, through-the-lens white balance means that the DIGIBINO DB100 is not confined to use outdoors. In fact, this additional advantage means that a natural range of colors can be preserved when shooting in various different kinds of light.

13. Capture the action with five frames per second shooting up to a maximum of 10 frames

The DIGIBINO DB100 is invaluable for the wildlife enthusiast, the sports spectator, or indeed anyone wishing to capture distant action. It even offers continuous shooting of up to ten frames at five frames per second, allowing you to capture instances of action, frame by frame.

14. A minimum focusing distance of just 2 meters

The DIGIBINO DB100 is excellent for viewing and recording distant scenes and action. Its capabilities, however, begin way before the horizon as it allows the viewing and capture of subjects only two meters away.