Roll up, Roll up, get yer S1 Pro samples here, they're free ladies and gentlement... The Japanese Digital Camera webzine DCEX have published six sample images in a range of situations from FujiFilm's S1 Pro digital SLR. The camera features a 3.2 megapixel SuperCCD which (when combined with internal interpolation algorigthms) generates a 6 megapixel image. Each image is a 2.5MB JPEG (3,040 x 2,016).

Phil says: Bit soft at 1:1, but downsampled they're pretty sweet, you can't fault the colour balance or metering. A couple of the PC Watch samples show good dynamic range.

Click here for the DCEX "first impressions FujiFilm S1 Pro" webpage
then use my translation below to make sense of each sample

Rough translation of Rio Enzo Fuzuki's image comments:

Image 1 Bear & Fruits, (DSCF0002.JPG)
1/99s, F8, ISO 1600, No Flash, +0.7EV compen, Hurried shot.

Image 2 Lady at Exhibition (DSCF0016.JPG)
1/108s, F2.8, ISO320, Internal Flash, slightly over-exposed.

Image 3 Lady in Wedding Dress (DSCF0031.JPG)
1/108s, F8.0, ISO320, Internal Flash, +0.7EV compen.

Image 4 Closer view of Bear & Fruits, (DSCF0033.JPG)
1/108s, F8.0, ISO320, Internal Flash

Image 5 Head & Shoulders of Lady in Wedding Dress (DSCF0044.JPG)
1/256s, F2.8, ISO320, No Flash, +0.7EV compen, tungsten whitebalance

Image 6 Portrait facial shot of Lady in Wedding Dress (DSCF0046.JPG)
1/197s, F2.8, ISO320, No Flash, +0.7EV compen

Images (c) Copyright 1997-2000 Rio Enzo Fuzuki


Click here for the PC Watch FujiFilm S1 Pro samples

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