5. Canon EOS RP (announced February 2019)

"The least expensive full-frame camera at launch, ever" is noteworthy title to hold. Additionally, the RP is also one of the smallest and lightest full-frame cameras on the market, which likely contributed to its popularity among DPReview site visitors this year. It may garner even more interest as Canon expands the RF-mount lineup to include more affordable lenses, but even with the current lens lineup the RP was intriguing to many DPR readers.

4. Fujifilm X-T30 (announced February 2019)

Announced on Valentine's Day (awww...) the X-T30 was well-positioned from the start to capture the hearts (awww...) and minds of the photography community. It brings much of what we all love about the X-T3 into a cheaper, lighter body. Plain and simple, it's a lot of camera for under $900, and our readership clearly saw a lot to like in it too.

3. Sony a7 III (announced February 2018)

This one comes as no surprise. The a7 III was a major update to the a7 II, with well-rounded capabilities that suit it well for all kinds of photography. Almost two years later and it's still one of the top cameras our site visitors are reading about, and we expect it to remain at the top of this list for some time to come.

2. Sony a6400 (announced January 2019)

The a6400's insanely good autofocus system has to be one of the reasons why this camera caught the attention of so many of our readers this year. It also likely fits into a sweet spot between capability and price for a lot of our audience, with wide-ranging appeal for world travelers and parents photographing soccer matches alike.

1. Fujifilm X-T3 (announced September 2018)

Now we know: the most popular camera among DPReview readers in 2019... wasn't released in 2019. But there's no doubt in our minds why the X-T3 continues to enjoy such popularity – it's a really, really nice camera. As we said in our own review, it's a camera that does both still photography and video exceptionally well, but maybe just as importantly it's a camera that's very enjoyable to use.

The camera that so many of you wanted to read more about is one that we've got a sweet spot for too, which suggests that Fujifilm understands its target audience: deeply nerdy photographers. We'll raise our 70-200mm replica coffee mugs to that.