Simple Technology, Inc. today announced the availability of three new high-capacity ATA flash cards in 512MB, 800MB and 1024MB (1GB) capacities. The PC Cards are available in Type I, II and III form factors, respectively, and are ideal for notebook computers, digital still cameras, handheld computers, and other portable devices.

Simple Technology reaches the high capacity points with innovative engineering and 256Mbit flash components. The cards can read data at up to 1.5Mbytes/sec and write at 3Mbytes/sec. Fast read and write speeds are important for all applications but especially digital still cameras that demand minimal wait time between shots.

Equally important to digital cameras is the large storage capacity offered by the Simple Technology cards. Today's high-end digital cameras are capturing 2 million pixel images with resolutions of 1,800 x 1,200 pixels. Such an image requires approximately 1MB of flash storage.

Notebook and handheld computers are offered increased system performance from the high-capacity cards. The greater storage capacity enables these systems to serve as desktop alternatives running full-featured software applications, storing large databases, and fully accessing the Internet.

Storage capacity of 1GB in a Type III format has previously only been available through rotating media. Flash is solid state technology which is much more rugged than rotating media as it has no moving parts. Simple Technology's PC Cards can withstand shock of up to 2000 G with no damage done to the card or its data.

The market for Flash technology is growing at a tremendous rate with flash card shipments expected to increase at an annual compound growth rate of 69% during 1997-2002, with over 40 million cards to ship in 2002 according to research published by IDC (International Data Corporation). Revenue is expected to increase from $221 million in 1997 to over $1 billion in 2002.

"Simple Technology is consistently one of the first to market with flash card solutions offering the highest capacities available,'' said Bob Hawkins, senior product manager, Simple Technology. ``Our strong partnerships with flash component manufacturers facilitates the speed at which we can bring product to market and helps us to ensure the high quality and reliable of our entire flash card product line.''

Estimated retail pricing for the new cards is $1599 for the 512MB Card, $2499 for the 800MB Card, and $2999 for the 1GB card.