Users of the 10-megapixel Moto X complained about the camera's washed-out photos.

When the Moto X was first announced last month, the response was mostly positive. The first offering from Motorola since Google purchased the phone manufacturing company, the Moto X was seen as the phone that could raise the bar on Android devices while single-handedly saving the American manufacturing industry. But upon receiving the Moto X, tech journalists and average users alike complained about the handset's sub-par camera. This week, Motorola released an over the air update for its new Moto X smartphone to help fix many of the reported issues.

The update addresses the Moto X's problems with white balance, exposure and focusing, promising "more precise exposure in outdoor and backlit scenes" as well as "faster touch to focus time and reduced unnecessary refocusing in low light conditions and scenes with continuous motion." The new camera software will also speed up the time it takes to switch from the front-facing to rear-facing camera and will make the viewfinder-to-gallery transition quicker.

AnandTech has posted an entire gallery comparing the Moto X camera software before and after the update. The difference is like night and, well, better-exposed night with much sharper focusing.

Along with fixing some of the Moto X's camera issues, this update improves on a long list of other features, including Google's voice command and the lost device finder service. Read all of the update information here.

If you have a Moto X smartphone, you should have already received a notification to update your device. As with all Android phones, you can manually check for software updates on your Moto X in Settings->About->System Updates.