Chinese lens manufacturer Shenyang Zhongyi Optics has redesigned the optical construction of is Turbo Adapter that allows Micro Four Thirds users to mount Nikon and Canon lenses to their cameras. The details are slight, but the company says the configuration is completely different, although still using four elements, and new coatings have been applied to reduce flare and increase contrast.

To make the Turbo Adapter compatible with non-G Nikkor lenses the new Version II model features an aperture ring that connects with the iris controller on the lens mount.

The Turbo Adapter comes in fittings to allow either Nikon F or Canon EF lenses to be used with Micro Four Thirds cameras. Users can expect an increase of 1-stop in the maximum effective aperture as well as the focal length in use to be widened by 0.726x.

Of course, when mounting a full frame lens on a Micro Four Thirds camera we expect to double the marked focal length to understand the angle of view we’ll experience. However, this adapter interrupts the equation making the shift in effective focal length less dramatic. A 100mm Canon EF lenses would normally take on the use of a 200mm when mounted on Micro Four Thirds bodies, but with the adapter in place the new apparent focal length would be just over 145mm.

The company is keen to point out that Micro Four Thirds cameras the Turbo Adapter is compatible with include those from Olympus and Panasonic, as well as the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Available mid-November, the Turbo Adapter will cost $149. For more information see the ZY Optics website.