We're incredibly pleased to announce the imminent return of lens reviews to dpreview.com thanks to a joint venture with DXO Labs, involving the establishment of a dedicated DxO lens and camera testing facility in Seattle, and the incorporation of DxO test data into dpreview.com’s class-leading lens reviews. We're currently ironing out the last few bugs in the system, and hope to publish the first review later this week.

We launched lens reviews back in 2008 and they were an immediate hit, gaining praise for the unique user-friendly presentation of complex data via a patented test data widget, supported by numerous real-world sample images and expert commentary. Logistical issues put the lens reviews on an extended hiatus in late 2010, and the new venture with DxO Labs not only ensures the return of lens reviews to dpreview.com, but allows more of them to be produced, more quickly.

We're currently putting the finishing touches to a completely re-written version of our lens widget, which will use DXO data and present it in a familiar format.

The new lab is now fully operational, and we expect to publish the first review within the next week or so. The popular lens review data widget has been entirely re-written to allow dpreview.com’s visitors to visualize the test results from the new lab and compare lenses just as they could before. Dpreview.com’s highly respected lens expert, Andy Westlake, will once again produce the lens reviews.

As part of the joint venture agreement the test results obtained will also be made available on DxO Mark website (www.dxomark.com). DxO Labs and dpreview.com will also be collaborating on the testing of digital cameras with a view to adding even more valuable image quality information to dpreview.com’s legendary in-depth reviews.

'We are very happy to provide dpreview with our measurement technology for testing cameras and lenses' said DxO Labs CEO Jerome Meniere. 'Dpreview’s articulate and creative writing style makes difficult photography concepts accessible to even the most novices of photographers – they are a perfect complement to DxOMark’s scientific measures.'

Simon: Producing the data for lens reviews in an incredibly long-winded process requiring a large, dedicated studio and hundreds, sometimes thousands of high precision exposures and measurements. The establishment of a dedicated DxO Labs lens and camera testing facility on our doorstep allows us to entrust the measurement and studio testing of lenses to an established world leader in image quality analysis, and to work with its team to offer our readers the perfect combination of accurate, consistent measurements with real-world shooting experience and expert analysis.