This just in from the Nikon Europe support site (thanks to John Edgecombe for spotting this one).

This camera is capable of Aperture/Shutter priority exposure mode and is fitted with a connector for an external flash unit. This allows the E-950 to be used in conjunction with studio flash units.

Here's how to do it:


  • Set the camera Flash Mode to Forced On. This will lock the shutter speed at 1/30 sec
  • Set the Internal Flash to Off
  • Set the Mode to Aperture (A) priority
  • Connect and AS-E900 adapter to the camera to provide an external hot shoe
  • Fit an AS-15 onto the AS-E900 to give a 2-pin (PC) flash sync connection
  • Connect the 2-pin (PC) output to your studio flash trigger input.


  • Set your studio flash to medium power
  • Measure the required aperture value by triggering the flash with a flash meter
  • Check that the aperture is within the range of the E-950
  • If not, then reduce or increase the studio flash power output and measure again
  • Set the E-950 to the required aperture


  • The E-950 aperture can be set to one of three values. These values change according to the setting of the optical zoom. At the wide-angle setting, the range of aperture values is F2.6 to F7.4.
  • The camera's default equivalent ISO is 80. Set the studio flash accordingly.
  • It is most convenient to use the camera with the LCD display on. The shot can be monitored on the camera or on an external TV monitor connected to the camera's Video Out socket.
  • To avoid having to half-press the shutter before each exposure, try setting the camera focus manually to the correct value.