Alien Skin Software plans to release a new 'nondestructive' photo editing application called Exposure X by the end of the year. Exposure X is the successor to Exposure 7, the company's film emulation software, and will include several changes over the previous version, including improvements to the user interface, file management tools, and new keyboard shortcuts.

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Exposure X was first announced in late September, and Alien Skin has occasionally posted new details about the software on its blog. According to a post from last month, Exposure X won’t use a catalog file in an effort to keep things simple and fast. For this reason, the application doesn’t require photos to be imported, instead it uses any folder the user selects to access photos and save image edits. In a new post published today, the company detailed how new brushing and layers features will work.

The software will be available as a standalone application or as a plug-in. Among the interface changes is the option to rearrange and hide panels; there's a new Detail panel with sharpening and noise reduction, and the Basic panel has had Tint, Temperature, and white balance eyedropper tools added. Additionally, Exposure X supports file management, including renaming and moving images, and offers organization tools like star ratings, flags, and colors.

Exposure 7 owners will receive Exposure X as a free update. Retail pricing isn't clear at this time.

Via: Photo Rumors