2012: Sony Cyber-shot RX100
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2012: Sony Cyber-shot RX100

You knew it was only a matter of time before Sony showed up on this list. The Cyber-shot RX100 was the first of what has turned out to be a very successful line for Sony, and introduced the basic ingredients which have made the RX100-series so popular ever since: a large 1-inch sensor with very high speed shooting capability, a high-quality zoom lens and excellent video features all wrapped up in a genuinely pocketable form-factor.

We said: '[Images from the RX100] are consistently so good that you'll rarely find yourself too disappointed on the occasions you didn't have your big camera with you. And its class-leading video capabilities mean it's worth keeping with you, even when you did. In addition, it's as happy shooting sweep panoramas and automated HDR images as it is capturing Raw images with plenty of exposure control, which means you arrive home with a more varied selection of images and videos than you might with one of its competitors.

August 2012

Subsequent RX100 models added valuable improvements and useful extra features like a built-in EVF (the RX100 VI and V are still our favorites, thanks to the EVF and fast, relatively short lens) but Sony got a lot right in the original RX100. Overnight, this was the compact camera to beat, and in the years after its introduction, models like Canon's PowerShot G5 X and G7 X-series (and Nikon's unrealized DL-series) sprung up in direct competition.

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