Visitors to the Nikon booth had a variety of exhibits and demonstration areas to explore with a strong focus on the Nikon 1 system and the D4.

As is usually the case, the Nikon booth is among the largest of the camera manufacturers at CES, featuring three separate live demonstration areas. While all of its newest additions had been announced well ahead of CES, this was the first opportunity for many attendees to get 'hands-on' time with the Nikon D4, which obviously proved to be a big draw.

Nikon's D4 attracted a lot of attention... ...with attendees getting to try its improved portrait-orientation handling.
The rear controls have received a considerable re-jig... ...but pro shooters are likely to find their way around pretty quickly.
The rather more affordable AFS Nikkor 85mm F1.8 G also drew the crowds.  

Nikon has taken the opportunity to really push the 1 series system at this year's CES, with the colorful J1 in particular, on prominent display.

The Nikon 1 J1 appeared in a variety of colors... They weren't the only colorful models also at the booth.

The company's line of entry-level and enthusiast DSLR bodies, lenses and accessories occupies a central location in the booth but it's impossible to miss the biggest products at this year's show for Nikon - the mirrorless 1 system and the new professional-level D4. With regard to the D4, Nikon was keen to show off its video capabilities, with live demonstrations and display models mounted on professional video rigs.

Even with the emphasis on newer models, there was still interest in the CoolPix lineup... ...including (from l to r) the P500, S8200 and the P7100.

Nikon's Coolpix lineup is a more modest presence in the booth area, but plenty of attendees were lining up to try out the enthusiast-oriented P7100, as well as popular travelzoom and ultracompact models.