Curious users can look at 10 sets of similar photos from different cameras.

Camera geeks are always fighting over what gear takes the best photos. The folks at Snapsort have created a website dedicated to settling the arguments once and for all.

Camera Showdown pits similar photos taken on different cameras up against each other and asks viewers to choose which photo is the best without knowing what camera was used to take the photo. The results are sometimes shocking—I expected the Canon 5D Mark III to clobber the iPhone 5 in my test, but the DSLR only won by 60%.

The site is trying to function as a Pepsi Taste Challenge for photography and is more of a game than a way to quantify a camera's photographic potential. Without going out and taking the exact same composition with the same settings and similar lenses, Camera Showdown can never provide an absolutely precise comparison, but the site is still fun to play with to see if your gear prejudices are warranted.

Click here to compare your favorite gear with Camera Showdown.