Light & Motion has introduced a new GoPro companion light called the Sidekick, and it is seeking funding for its production on Kickstarter. The Sidekick is designed to attach directly to the GoPro's existing mount, eliminating the need to tote around an external light, though it retains some flexibility via an optional armature for positioning the light.

Sidekick is a rectangular companion light that provides a wide 600 lumen beam, while a secondary model, the Sidekick Duo, also offers a 400 lumen spot beam intended for navigation purposes. 

Both the Sidekick and the Sidekick Duo models are waterproof to a depth of up to 60m/200ft., and both feature a rechargeable Li-ion battery able to power the flood beam for 60 minutes on a charge. Charging is accomplished using a slide-on adapter to avoid compromising the waterproof seal. A color LED is used as a battery status indicator, and the entire unit is FL1-Standard certified.

Light & Motion has raised enough funds to exceed its $50,000 goal, currently sitting close to $85,000 in pledges. Some of the pledge options have been depleted, but remaining ones include a $100 pledge option for a Silver Sidekick and a $135 pledge option for an Exclusive Black Ano Sidekick Duo. Both are set to ship globally in March.