Pre-PMA 2008: Olympus UK today announced price reductions of up to £150 on its E410 and E510 DSLR kits. Packages now start at £319.99 for the E410 body and rise to £549.99 for the E510 double lens kit with a focal length range of 28 - 300mm (equiv.)

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Press release (UK):

Olympus has announced that they are dropping the price of both their E410 and E510 D-SLR range.

The E410 body is now reduced to £319.99, a drop of £20. The E410 Single Lens kit, Double Zoom and Travel Kits all experience a £50 price reduction, now at £349.99, £449.99 and £399.99 respectively.

The E510 DSLR's have also experienced fantastic price reductions, up to as much as £150 on the range. Prices are £339.99 for the E510 body, £449.99 for the Single lens Kit, £549.99 for the Double Zoom kit and £499.99 for the Travel Kit.