I'm glad to report that we appear to be even more popular than ever. Last month showed one of our largest increases in page views. In November we served 36.7 million pages to 2.5 million visitors. This was no doubt thanks to our rather large mention in The Wall Street Journal and the improvements made to the overall performance and response of the site. Many thanks to all our visitors, keep coming back and keep recommending us! Advertisers take note, if you're not advertising on dpreview then you're missing the largest digital photography community on the Internet. UPDATE: 1,000,000 messages now in the forums!

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Accolades and mentions in November:

  • Forbes "Best Of The Web" Award
  • The Wall Street Journal - Online Guides Offer Snappy Reviews Of Digital Cameras
  • New York Times - "Digital Cameras Are No Longer Just for the Digerati"
  • 1010 WINS All News Radio - "How To Shop For A Digital Camera"