Owners of Sony SLT, NEX and R-series cameras with Multi Interface Shoes now have a couple more flash options. Two flash units offered by Metz, the mecablitz 44 AF-1 digital and 52 AF-1 digital, are now available for the Sony Multi Interface shoe. 

The 44 AF-1 is a compact strobe designed to provide light without the bulk of a full-sized flash, while the 52 AF-1 digital is the most powerful strobe in Metz’s 'mecablitz' series. Sony systems released after the middle of 2013 feature a new strobe interface, necessitating a dedicated hotshoe mount. Prior to the launch of the Multi Interface-compatible 44 AF-1 and 52 AF-1 it was necessary to use an adapter when shooting with Metz strobes. 

The new units feature the new 'feet' to connect to the Sony system. Adapters are available to use these new flashes with the company’s previous Sony/Minolta flash system. No pricing information is given, but the 52 AF-1 Metz flash unit for Sony SLRs currently sells for $299.98/£199.99; the 44 AF-1 for Sony SLRs costs $199.99/£139.99.

More information is available on the Metz website

 Press release:

Metz flash units for "Sony Multi Interface" flash shoes

The Sony versions of the two Metz flash units 44 AF-1 digital and 52 AF-1 digital now come equipped with new feet for cameras with "Sony Multi Interface" flash shoes. While the mecablitz 44 AF-1 digital is considered to be one of the most handy flash units available, the powerful mecablitz 52 AF-1 digital is particularly impressive thanks to its convenient touch display and nu-merous adjustment options. Since the middle of last year, Sony digital cameras now come with the "Sony Multi Interface" flash shoes, making it necessary to adapt the Metz Sony-compatible flash units accordingly. Therefore, now the Sony versions of our 44 AF-1 digital and 52 AF-1 digital flash units have been given new flash feet. This means a Sony flash shoe adapter is no longer necessary. A corresponding adapter is required if you wish to connect flash units with the conventional Sony/Minolta flash feet. These adapters may be included in the scope of delivery for some Sony camera models.