This time it's no mistake, the drop in price and rebate accidentally slipped onto Amazon's page is for real, however it was only supposed to appear today. State Street Direct, our affiliate retailer are now offering the Kodak DC4800 (3 megapixel, 3 x optical zoom) for $479.95 (after $100 Kodak mail-in rebate). That has to make the DC4800 the current 3 megapixel bargain!

Click here to order the Kodak DC4800 from State Street Direct
Free 3-Day express shipping (shipping promotion ends midnight 4/Mar/01)
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UPDATE: If you've got a Kodak D290 you can trade it in for a DC4800 for just $249 at the Kodak Store:

Click here for the Kodak DC290 trade-in deal (DC4800 for $249)