From one of my "anonymous sources" comes the following impressions on the new Fuji MX2900 and MX1500. And news of add-on lenses for the MX2700 and MX2900.

Fuji will be distributing complementary lenses for their cameras:

MX2700: a 1.5x Tele which will transform the MX2700 into a 52mm fixed lens

MX2900: a wide angle lens which transforms the camera into 28-84mm instead of the standard 35-105mm.

My sources impressions of each (of the new) cameras:

MX2900: A little bulky and not enough "SLR", the addition of the wide angle lens makes the camera feel more like a "professional tool", when the additional lens is attached it has a small click which blocks the viewfnider so you can only use the LCD. The control panels are easy to use and overall the camera is comfortable.

MX1500: A very, very nice camera, very small comfortable camera (similar dimensions to the Canon A5/A50) "will fit into your shirt pocket".