The Plugin Site has created the MetaRaw plugin for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements that allows the conversion of Raw files not supported by the associated version of Adobe Camera Raw. The MetaRaw plugin offers access to three Raw conversion methods - ACR, DNG Converter or its own, dcraw-based converter. It also allows Elements 10 and 11 users to access ACR's lens correction and chromatic aberration tools.

The MetaRaw plugin gives uses the ability to open a Raw file in Adobe Camera Raw (with access to more features for Elements users), to run it through Adobe DNG converter and open the results, without leaving the software (giving access to Raw support for more cameras than their version of ACR offers), or use a built-in, dcraw-based, Raw converter, which adds support for 13 formats and 50 cameras not supported by Adobe. This includes support for Sigma's Merrill models.

MetaRaw provides in-software access to a choice of Raw conversion engines

The plugin is currently only available for Windows, and can be downloaded for $39.95.