Samsung has launched a Wi-Fi-only version of its Galaxy Camera. The connected camera essentially combines components from Samsung's Galaxy S3 flasgship smartphone and the WB850 compact camera to create a 21x zoom compact camera that is running the Android operating system, therefore allowing you to install apps, edit images on the go and share them wirelessly.

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The new model is essentially identical to the original Samsung Galaxy, but lacks 3/4G connectivity, relying on Wi-Fi only and therefore making the device more affordable.

Given that despite its 3/4G connectivity you cannot use the original model to make a phone call or text and therefore still have to carry a phone, the Wi-Fi only version makes a lot of sense. Some users will be happy to  postpone their image sharing until they are within reach of a Wi-Fi-hotspot, others can tether the Galaxy Camera to their smartphone and use the latter as a hotspot.

We were quite impressed by the Galaxy Camera's feature set in our recent in-depth review but thought at $600 the new device would probably struggle to find many buyers. So if the removal of 3/4G connectivity makes the Galaxy Camera more affordable, this looks like a smart move by Samsung. Unfortunately we haven't got any details on pricing and availability yet.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera comes with a 21x zoom lens ...
... and runs the Android 4.1 operating system.