This is an interesting exercise / study on photography and post processing.

I took both of these photos from exactly the same spot (slightly different focal length 16mm vs 17mm), in the middle of the winter, at the same time of the day, but two years apart. The big difference in the landscape appearance is that two years ago we could hardly see any snow, but this year it was frozen solid from the middle of November until the very end of March.

Canada. Montreal. Lachine | Location: 45.42907, -73.68791

I also used two very different processing methods for each photograph. For this year’s photo I used an HDR Photography workflow, using Lightroom, Photomatix and Photoshop. As you can see, I processed it heavily in Photomatix: the colors are vibrant, and the details in foreground are prominent.

For the older photo, I used an “old school” single RAW Lightroom processing technique. To achieve the warm, softer look I used the Split Toning feature in Lightroom. At this point I am not sure which one I like better. They look very different, but I kind of like them both.

It's an interesting experiment in how taste and technique (and two years time...) can make the same scene look totally different.

Viktor Elizarov is a travel photographer based in Montreal, Canada. He’s also the man behind PhotoTraces, a travel photography blog and community of over 60,000 photographers. Visit Tutorials section of his blog for free tutorials and free Lightroom presets.