<span style="color: #99bbee;">Wrap up</span>
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Wrap up

The Pentax 645Z is Ricoh Imaging's attempt to bring medium format photography back from the dead, and something that advanced amateurs might pick up instead of a full-frame DSLR. With a price so much lower than its peers, the 645Z makes medium format seem almost mainstream - and certainly a credible rival to high-resolution DSLRs such as Nikon's D3X or D800E.

Perhaps the most endearing feature of the 645Z is that it operates just like a 'regular' interchangeable lens camera. Those with Pentax DSLRs should have no trouble getting up and running, and owners of other brands' cameras won't be far behind. There are going to be some handling differences, of course, and shooting with a medium format camera is a bit different than a DSLR. 

Ricoh is hoping that both seasoned professionals and advanced amateurs who want to experience medium format photography will find the 645Z to be both an accessible and inexpensive way to get their foot in the door.