<span style="color: #99bbee;">Big grip</span>
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Big grip

With a weight of 1550g (55oz), the 645Z is a hefty camera - and that's without a lens attached. The grip on the 645Z is extremely 'deep', which makes the camera surprisingly easy to hold. You could, in theory, shoot one handed, but it's probably in your best interest not to.

The body is made of magnesium alloy and feels incredibly durable. No corners were cut on the 645Z (no pun intended), with zero cheap-feeling parts. The dials have a rubberized coating, which makes them easier to grip. 

One thing yet to be mentioned is the 645Z's weather-sealing. Seventy six seals keep dust and moisture outside, and the 'Z' can be used in temperatures as low as -10C/+14F.

The only items of note here are a port for an optional wired remote, as well as a dial for mirror lockup.