Phillip Parsons, a medical physicist from Wales, is a major contributor to the AMPt Community—a collective of passionate smartphone photographers.

Parsons documents his life with an iPhone 4S and a wide range of photography apps. Among the apps in his digital darkroom are Snapseed, VSCOcam, Afterglow and Filterstorm. His style is stark, yet lively, dramatic, yet simple, and his Instagram accounts are more like precisely-curated galleries than scrapbooks. He keeps two accounts — @Plip1978 for sepia/monochrome photos and @hereinmyownskin for color — often exploring the compositional limits of color and black and white mediums with the same photo.

We talked with Parsons via email about his approach to smartphone photography:

Connect: How would you describe your photographic style?

Honestly, I'm not sure!  I am still a beginner so I feel like I'm still developing. I enjoy taking landscapes and man's influence on nature, but I like anything with a strong composition.

Connect: When do you take photos?

Whenever I can. Sometimes I'm inspired by something that catches my eye as I pass it, but more often than not I just drive around in the evening looking for something interesting!

Connect: What is your favorite photo that you have taken with a phone?  What circumstances led to you getting this photo? 

I was out for a walk in a local park with my wife and my 4 year old son.  We found an area filled with bamboo.  My son went straight in to explore.  I just loved watching him examine the undergrowth.  It's a view of him that I seem to spend most of my time seeing, the back of him running off exploring the world.

Connect: What editing did you use on this photo?

I don't remember the exact process, but I believe I created a black and white version with Noir to use with luminosity blend mode in Image Blender.  I then probably used PixFX and Afterglow to add the fade.  I remember using Snapseed selective adjust to highlight my son more.

Connect: How has mobile photography changed your life?

In so many ways!  It gives me an excuse to get out and explore my local area in greater depth. I love the opportunity to be more creative! It's also been wonderful meeting new people. I've chatted to people all over the world with a similar love of mobile photography. I've had the pleasure of being part of Instafocus and being invited to be part of AMPt Community before it officially launched. I'm very honored to be part of the AMPtCommunity Facebook team and have been involved in teaching and helping there.  've just been added to the AMPt Community leadership team too, so I'm really looking forward to being part of that and helping to shape and direct the community there. I really want to encourage all mobile photographers to join up and take our motto to heart: "Teach - Learn - Share - Inspire!" I'm excited seeing mobile photography expand into a recognized fine art form in its own right and hope that I can be part of it in some small way.