Kyocera Germany has today announced the five megapixel Finecam S5. This camera will be introduced at Photokina (25th September). The camera is an ultra-compact which is clearly based on the S4 design. This camera appears to be another new five megapixel based on the new five megapixel 1/1.8" CCD. Also mentioned in this news release is a new digital Contax TVS which is described as a "5 Megapixel for the semiprofessional use", sounds interesting.

Phil: I'll reserve judgement until I've seen / used the camera, but I'll be interested to see how well these ultra-compact lenses can resolve five megapixels of resolution. The 'Contax TVS' sounds interesting...

Kyocera Germany News Release:


More and more amateurs leave their Single Lens Reflex cameras and their bulky photo cases at home and join the photo safari with ultra compact digital cameras. The Finecam S5 digital camera is a real alternative for ambitious amateur photo-graphers. Three brand new models from Kyocera will be presented at this year's PHOTOKINA in Cologne (hall 1.2,stand F29).

Kyocera increases their range of digicams with check card sized 3 and 5 Megapixel digicams.
Finecam S3L and S5 for amateur photo enthusiasts and the Contax TVS digital with 5 Megapixel for the semiprofessional use.

With the Finecam S5 - an absolute highlight of the exhibition, Kyocera presents one of the smallest and lightest digital cameras of the 5-Megapixel class.