Lomography LC-A+ Instant Back


Technically, we're not talking about a dedicated camera here. This is an Instax back that fits on to Lomography's LC-A+, a camera that many would consider an interpretation of the Rollei 35. That means before buying the insant back one must first decide if they want a plastic 35mm film camera with a 32mm F2.8 lens and automatic exposure.

The two aren't exactly a match made in heaven. The back blocks the viewfinder, so any indicator lights that may be flashing in there are unable to be seen. It seems to have also impacted image quality a bit, as images often don't look nearly as sharp as when the camera is used with 35mm film.

Exposure is adjusted with a slightly painful dial near the viewfinder, which is the camera's ISO adjustment. Focus is four-zone, although the back has a different distance scale than the camera. With the instant back, the camera focuses from 0.5m - infinity.

In the world of instant cameras this combination produces a unique look. The images have a strong vignette and can even have a shallow depth of field thanks to the F2.8 lens. The camera takes a bit of practice to get used to, and isn't entirely ergonomically feasible, but that can't be expected from what is essentially a polaroid back. There are some unique advantages to the LC-A+ that might make the drawbacks worth it to some, such as having the brightest lens in this selection, and being the only one able to sync with external flash.

For those that don't appreciate the unique look of its images, the rest of the options here will be a better choice that will produce keepers more consistently.