Fujifilm Instax mini 8

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The least expensive camera in our group is the Instax mini 8, and as a result is the simplest camera of them all in terms of features and controls.

Powering the camera on involves a push of the button located on the bottom right of the lens, which will mechanically extend the lens and charge the flash.

On the barrel of the lens is a series of scene modes, and a ring to select which mode to set the camera's automatic exposure. The camera indicates which exposure mode will give the best results with an orange light.

Focus is fixed, with a claimed range of 0.6m - infinity. The minimum focus distance is slightly over an arm's-length away, making self portraits difficult. There is a close-up lens available, but it isn't included with the camera. For close-up shots that fill the frame, the accessory lens is a requirement, as the standard lens is set up for general wide snapshot use.

The shutter button, located along the front grip, is easy to find while looking through the viewfinder, and is also easy to use when doing a self portrait.

Although the Instax mini 8 is the least expensive camera here, it is also the easiest to use due to its lack of settings to mix up and cost a shot. Its exposures are accurate, and as long as shots are taken beyond the minimum focus distance, quite sharp too. There isn't much here for photographers to get excited about, as this camera is set up for strictly point-and-shoot use, with not much opportunity for creativity with settings.