Photography has been around for almost two hundred years, but amazingly, it's only in the past couple of decades that it has gained widespread acceptance as an artform. These days, images by significant photographers command very high prices. But just how high is 'very high'? Internet community has published a list of the ten most expensive photos ever sold. Start saving up your pennies...

Rhein II – Andreas Gursky (1999) $4.3 million

The number 1 spot is taken by Andreas Gursky's Rhein II, which sold for $4.3 at auction in 2011, making it the most expensive photograph ever sold. It is the second, and largest print of a set of six images of the Rhein - a river in Germany. And to be fair, that's exactly what the picture looks like. Yep - there's a river. 

This is 'Untitled #96' by Cindy Sherman, which sold for $3.9 million, also in 2011. The 1981 print sold to New York dealer Philippe Segalot. 

Sherman is one of the most bankable 'art' photographers in the world. Her photo Untitled #153 sold for $2.7 million in November 2010.