Luis Rodriguez's mobile photography often focuses on the reflections of his city. All images by Luis Rodriguez.

Luis Rodriguez uses his mobile photography to reflect on the world around him. An architect living in Madrid, Rodriguez captures the essence of his surroundings with his iPhone 4S. His work has been recognized with two Honorable Mentions in this year’s Mobile Photography Awards, and also featured in Spanish online media. 

Rodriguez primarily shoots with the iPhone's native camera application but will occasionally use ProCamera or Camera + when he needs to choose separate focus and exposure points. His next stop is Snapseed for edits and then FilterStorm or FrontView for special edits.

"I love reflections on any surface: cars, buses, buildings and puddles," Rodriguez told Connect. "I love to watch the city and its urban life reflected on all these surfaces. I do also love to turn upside down pics [sic] of reflections on puddles, entering, thus, into a totally new and magical world."

This shot of the Royal Academy of History reflected in a puddle won honorable mention in the Archetecture category of the Mobile Photo Award and has been featured as an Editor's Choice on 500px. "To see an iphone shot pic among DSLR shot and wonderful pics is something very important to me."
This shot is one of Rodriguez's favorite reflection photos. "I was wandering around Sevilla with my youngest daughter, on my way to have some beers with a couple of friends, saw the puddle, told my daughter not to step into it, waited a few seconds for a person to step into the screen and shot the pic. It took me not longer than 10 seconds. I love to see the metallic texture of the pavement melting with the reflection of the city. There's no trick on this picture, it's just a reflection on a puddle turned upside down."
This shot won Rodriguez an Honorable Mention in the Performing Arts category in the Mobile Photography Awards. "It was a quick shot of wandering musicians playing music on the streets of Madrid at night. I loved the 'harmony' between the beauty of music and the beauty of the model on the showcase of an important mall."

For Rodriguez, mobile photography has become a major artistic outlet.

"Apart from my family, mobile photography is nowadays the most important thing to me," he said. "The critical economic situation in my country allows me to have a lot of free time that I spend shooting, editing, writing on my blog, on my Facebook fan page, and so on.

"Friends and family have already got used to me walking down the streets and stopping by to shoot some pics, or to sit at home and start editing. But I must admit it was very hard at the beginning for them, and for me too. I shoot, edit, work on my pics and my blog daily, almost all the time. It's no longer a hobby, but rather a passion that I hope will turn someday into a new way of living."

Rodriguez's third solo exhibition, "The City Reflected," is ongoing in Peñafiel, Valladolid, Spain. You can also see more of his images on EyeEm.

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