Nikon Introduces New Digital Professional SLR Fast, Light, Flexible and Professional Standard 2.7 Megapixel Resolution

The technological innovation, optical excellence, and superb handling and response that are hallmarks of Nikon professional cameras are now available in a 2.7 megapixel Nikon Digital Professional SLR. Combining the immediacy of high-quality digital with Nikon Total Imaging System versatility, the D1 is the ideal camera for photojournalism professionals and virtually every other category of professional photography. Available by end of September 1999, the Nikon D1 Digital Camera Set ships with the D1(TM) camera body, neck strap, a NiMH rechargeable battery (EN4) and quick charger (MH-16), video cable, Nikon View DX software and carries a suggested retail price of $5,580.

The D1 is an original design Nikon digital SLR, not a hybrid adaptation. Designed from the ground up for the demanding task of photojournalism, The D1 lets photographers make a seamless transition from film to digital.

High digital image quality is rendered by the camera's large 23.7 x 15.6mm 2.74 megapixel CCD, producing ultra-high definition 2,012 x 1,324 pixel images. A super-thin infrared ray-cutting lithium niobate (LiNB) Low-Pass Filter is located directly in front of the CCD, and optimal signal processing is delivered by Nikon's original algorithm set.

The new Nikon D1 features fast 0.5 second bootup; a responsive.05 second shutter release lag time (pegged from the time the shutter release button is lightly pressed), and the ability to shoot 4.5 frames per second in bursts of up to 21 consecutive shots (the fastest rate of any digital camera). For professionals in high-pressure, high profile shooting situations the D1 delivers ``the money-shot'' and ensures that now-or- never news photos, fast-breaking sports shots and elusive wildlife images are captured with instantaneous accuracy and Nikon's renowned optical precision.

Like the Nikon F5� and F100 -- the D1's preeminent, professional film-based counterparts -- this professional, digital SLR features exacting Nikon 3D Matrix Metering (tuned specifically for digital technology) and a high-speed autofocus system that includes Dynamic AF operation. Indeed, the synergy of the D1's design and technology make it a powerful component of Nikon's Professional Total Imaging System. Its innate flexibility allows D1 to accept more than 80 Nikon F-mount lenses (with a focal length magnification of 1.5) and accessories, keeping additional outfitting costs to a minimum.

For superior results, the D1 is equipped with Nikon's new 3D Digital Matrix Image Control which consists of Nikon's 3D Color Matrix Metering, TTL White Balance and Tone Compensation. Image Control uses Nikon's exclusive 1,005-pixel CCD for optimum results. The camera also offers comprehensive exposure control via its three exposure metering systems -- (3D Color Matrix, Center-Weighted and Spot Metering), three auto exposure modes (Programmed, Shutter-Priority and Aperture-Priority), and the exposure compensation and automatic bracketing functions. Manual exposure control is also provided.

The D1 shutter speeds range from 30 seconds to a maximum of 1/16,000 of a second and 1/500 of a second sync speed. The long shutter speeds work perfectly with the D1's high performance CCD for very low-light photography. Flash photography is extended to even wider conditions with the newly available 1/500 top flash sync speed for use with TTL flash control. The new Nikon SB-28DX Speedlight also provides FP sync with manual exposure control for use with still faster shutter speeds.

Phil says: Oh dear, what ARE Kodak Professional going to do?