We had the chance recently to spend some time shooting with the Leica Q. The Q is a rangefinder-style camera that sports a 28mm F1.7 fixed lens and a 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor. The DPReview staff was quite enamored with the Q, both in a practical sense, as well as aesthetically. As such, we decided to share some of our first impressions, while also taking a closer look at what makes the Q so appealing.

The Q's 28mm F1.7 lens and full-frame 24MP sensor have been optimized for one another, resulting in incredibly sharp images, edge to edge. In general, the Q seems to be the perfect marriage of modern camera technology and classic camera styling. Features like touch-to-focus and face detect work quite well, but for the purest, the Leica Q is also quite easy to manually focus.

In the few days we had with the Leica Q, we attempted to shoot as much as we could with it. The majority of the images in the gallery below are Raw conversions, though we did include some out-of-camera JPEGs too.