The Rode i-XY is a high-end microphone for iPhone and iPad.

The Australian company Rode is known for its high-end microphones and is showing off its i-XY model for iPhone and iPad at Photokina this week. With up to 24-bit/96k recording and on-board A/D conversion, the i-XY should be a useful accessory for anyone who wants to record high-quality sound with their video footage on an iOS device. You can choose from models with 30-pin or Lightning connector, depending on what iPhone or iPad model you are planning to use the microphone with.

The RodeGrip+ is another new product. The multi-purpose mount attaches to your iPhone 5/5s or 4/4s and comes with macro, tele and fisheye lenses and a pistol-style hand-grip.It can be used for recording video, sound or both and comes with a standard tripod-thread. The phone mount also attaches to a camera hot-shoe which, in combination with the i-XY, allows you to record high-quality sound with your DSLR video.

The RodeGrip+ attaches to your iPhone and offers a variety of applications.
At the front you can attach one of the included lenses.