First off my apologies for my slightly obvious lack of updates since posting the 950 review (and subsequent update gallery). I've been taking a well earned (I feel) rest from site updates, however I have been answering as many queries as I possibly can by e-mail, thanks to everyone (around 30 a day!) who's emailed with kind words and praise, it's your comments which keep me going :)

D# Dreamarts comparison page

Though lack of updates I've not missed the fact that D# Dreamarts have updated their excellent comparison page which now includes comparison shots from: Canon Powershot A50, Kodak DC240, Kodak DC260, Oly C900Z (D400Z), Fuji 700, Oly 620, Canon Powershot Pro70, Sony DSC-D700, Epson CP-800 (beta), Oly C2000Z, Nikon Coolpix 950 and Fuji 2700.

The shots were taken all on the same day of the same colour comparison chart, drinks cans and a cuddly toy (stop sniggering). You can check out the comparisons yourself here:

Canon Powershot Pro70 vs. Nikon Coolpix 950

This will be the title of the next article to hit the site, I've made a start on it already and will be comparing not just image quality but ease of use, features, field operation etc. There'll also be a comparison gallery with exact-same shots taken in many different environments side-by-side.

This article should be up by the end of this week (May 1st).