A rare Leica camera has been sold at auction in Hong Kong for around $620,000 (~£380,000). According to the auction house, the gold-plated 1932 Leica Luxus II is one of only four ever made, and comes in a crocodile skin case. The whereabouts of the other three Luxus II cameras are unknown. The model sold at auction belonged to a photography enthusiast from Bridport, Wales (now deceased) who took ownership of the rare camera after World War Two and used it for many years. In 2001 he took it to the BBC's 'Antiques Roadshow' for appraisal, where its value was placed at around £5000 (~$8100).  

The camera was expected to raise around $1.2 million at its recent auction, but ultimately sold for around half of that amount. Not all Leicas disappoint at the auction house - last year a new world record for cameras was set by a Leica O, which sold at an auction in Vienna for 2.16 million Euros (~$2.78 million).