In amongst the product releases of the past few months, Fujifilm announced a pair of accessory grips for its X-E and X-Pro cameras. The MHG-Xpro and MHG-XE improve on the original HG designs by providing continued access to the cameras' battery/card compartments. They also reposition the tripod mount so that it's in line with the optical axis.

The MHG grips offer direct connection for Arca-Swiss-style tripods, as well as access to the battery/memory card compartment.

In addition, the grips both provide a little extra height, to ensure larger lenses don't interfere with tripod mounting. Finally, both grips feature flanges to allow direct connection to Arca-Swiss compatible tripod heads. Like the existing HG grips, the MHG models also provide a more substantial hand grip. The MHG-XPro and HMG-XE are available now priced at $150 and $130 respectively.

The existing MG grips will be sold alongside the MHG version 'while stocks last,' the company says.

The MHG-XPro grip, mounted on the Fujifilm X-Pro1
The MHG-XE grip.
The MHG-XE grip attached to an X-E2