Update: Toshiba has release UK and European pricing for the new Exceria Pro cards. The 16GB card will cost £50/€70, the 32GB will cost £82/€114, the 64GB will cost £163/€230 and the 128GB card will sell for £326/€460.

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Electronics giant Toshiba has announced higher capacity models of its high-speed Exceria Pro SD cards, increasing the maximum storage available to 128GB. The 16GB and 32GB Exceria Pro cards have existed for some time in European markets. Toshiba claims they achieve best read speeds of 260MB/s and write speeds of 240MB/s, and the new 64GB card is said to follow suit. The highest capacity 128GB card offers a read speed of 260MB/s but a write speed of 150MB/s. Toshiba has also announced plans to distribute the cards in the US.

All the cards conform to the UHS-ll standard, and are designed to help users of UHS-ll enabled cameras to make the most of high frame rates and 4K video recording by allowing camera buffers to be cleared more quickly.

With this refresh of the range all the Exceria Pro SDXC cards will be compatible with SDA 4.2 and will support the UHS-ll interface and UHS Speed Class 3. Speed Class 3 cards have a guaranteed minimum read/write data transfer speed of 30MB/s, to make them at least three times faster than UHS-l cards. Toshiba claims that, with a high-speed card reader on a USB3.0 hub, its new cards can transfer 1000 5-million-pixel/1.5MB images to a PC in just 16.8 seconds.

Toshiba has not released UK pricing for these new cards, but the 16GB model is listed at $100 US, $180 for the 32GB model, $350 for the 64GB version and $700 for the 128GB version. Toshiba US gives a ship date of May 27 for all but the 128GB card; that is expected to ship from June 10. Toshiba's cards come with a 5-year warranty. For more information visit the Exceria Pro page on the Toshiba website.