There seems to have been some activity from Photopoint, the short message they're now displaying is to assure people that their photos are still safe but due to bandwidth, hardware and labor costs they can not be put online (ouch). If you're an existing Photopoint user you can complete a survey displayed on the site(requires your Photopoint password). The questions are: Would you pay for a CD-ROM of your pictures ($24.95), Would you pay $5.95 per month for the service, how important is third party photo hosting. If Photopoint want to charge existing users to get their own images back it raises the question what happened to all the subscriptions paid by the same users?

UPDATE: Dale Gass responds

Click here for Imaging-Resource's "email from Dale Gass (Photopoint CEO)"

Phil: There's some criticism of my comments in the response on Imaging-Resource's website, it's a shame Mr Gass didn't bother to respond directly to me on this issue and instead used another site. I'm sure he is doing all he can to return images to their owners but my question "What happened to all the subscriptions paid by the same users" only reflects the feelings and questions raised by his own community (a large portion of whom also reside on dpreview), many of whom have contacted me via the forums and email. My comment was added to this news article some hours after it was originally posted.

Photopoint status page (as of 12 Feb 2002)

Updated: Tue Feb 12 10:57:30 AST 2002 is currently offline.

Please check back here ( for further developments.

I would like to assure people that their photos have not been lost, and are safe. However, due to the bandwidth, hardware, and labour costs, we are unable to put the site online.

Please take a moment to answer this survey. Only surveys with valid PhotoPoint username/password will be considered. Your first submission is the only one that will be taken into account. Please answer honestly, so we can do what is best for the membership.

This information will be useful in determining how best to move forward in allowing people to possibly get their photos back and/or have their photos online again. We are looking at various options for finding PhotoPoint members a new home.

Thank you for your feedback.

Click here for the Photopoint status page (and complete the survey)