Samsung has an enormous stand at this year's CES, as befits a company which creates such an enormous range of consumer electronics. As well as cellphones, TVs and displays of all shapes and sizes, Samsung also has several new cameras to show off, including a new CMOS compact megazoom, the WB850F, which boasts an impressive-sounding 21x optical zoom and built-in Wi-Fi. Also Wi-Fi-equipped are the dual-screen DV300, the ST200 and WB150F, which are all CCD-based.

Samsung's huge stand played host to the Korean company's huge range of consumer electronics, including digital cameras. Not only big, but crowded. We fought our way through throngs of people to get to Samsung's latest compacts.
The WB850F features a homegrown 16MP CMOS sensor, coupled with a 23-483mm equivalent lens.  The WB850F's rear LCD is a VGA-equivalent OLED, and the camera also features built-in Wi-Fi with a browser. 
The WB150F makes do with a 14MP CCD and a smaller zoom range of 24-432 (equivalent)  Like the flagship WB850F, the WB150F also features built-in Wi-Fi and a log-in browser. 
The ST200F is built around a 16MP CCD sensor, behind a 27-270 (equivalent) zoom lens And like the new WB-series compacts, it also features Wi-Fi built in. 
Towards the budget end of Samsung's range is the ST76 which features a 25-125mm equivalent zoom lens, a 16MP CCD and optical IS. The rear LCD measures 2.7in. 
The ST66 5x  is extremely similar, and features the same 25-125mm lens and 16MP CCD but lacks optical IS. Screen size is the same as the ST76 - 2.7in.
The DV300F has two screens, which makes it an ideal tool for self and social portraits. The lens is a 5x zoom, covering 25-125mm (equivalent) and iages are captured on a 16MP CCD The DV300F comes with built-in Wi-Fi, and also features a 3in 460k-dot rear LCD screen.