Lytro has announced an update that provides greater exposure control for its Light Field Camera. It will also be offering the 8GB version of the camera in two addition colors - Moxie Pink and Seaglass that will be availble from stores and the Lytro website respectively. The update, that will be available to all existing customers, adds a manual mode, that provides control over shutter speed and ISO (aperture always being wide open). If you decide to specify both parameters, it becomes possible to apply exposure compensation and apply the camera's built-in ND filter.

The announcements come in the wake of Lytro expanding its distribution to include Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and a range of retailers in the US, including, Best Buy and selected City Target stores.

Moxie Pink (left) will be available from selected City Target stores and, while Seaglass (second-left), will only be available directly from