Joy Factory’s BubbleShield offers basic waterproofing for a wide variety of devices. 

Whether you are trying out underwater photography or you just want to take your tablet into the bath, accessory designers at the Consumer Electronics Show last week in Las Vegas, Nevada had you covered.

We rounded up some of the more interesting approaches toward waterproofing your mobile devices last week, and got a chance to give them a closer look over the the weekend.

Some look like sturdy Ziplock bags while others give sturdy structural support. All promise touch-screen functionality while using the cases, but few offered specific camera support.

The handful of cases that targeted underwater photography use have either a clear piece of scratch-resistant plastic over the camera lens or do not cover the lens at all. Joy Factory’s aXtion series for iPhone offers two different waterproof cases that don't impede camera functionality. Otterbox’s Armor cases for iPhone and Galaxy S3 are waterproof for 30 minutes in 6.6 ft. of water and offer full use of the camera.

Armor-X’s announced its new ArmorCase series at CES, revealing a thin, lightweight waterproof case for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and the Galaxy S3. Armor-X is also developing waterproof case with an external lens, similar to Optrix. Meanwhile, Ram Mounts’ Aqua Box Pro offers a waterproof case that is compatible with most martphones.

If you just need a case to read your email or listen to music in the hot tub, the wide array of Ziplock-style cases will suffice. Some were extremely simple like the SmartSleeve or Loksak, while others like DiCAPac’s Waterproof Case and the DriCat have room for straps so you don’t loose your device in the water. Some cases like Dry Case even allow for the use of headphones.

Most of the hardshell cases boast full phone functionality and insist they are the only case you will ever need, though most of the representatives were ready to admit that the giant cases might not be the everyday accessory for everyone. 

The DryCase fits any phone or MP3 player and offers input for headphones.
Joy Factory’s aXtion Pro is waterproof and offers full camera functionality.
The SmartSleeve case is Ziplock-y in appearance and comes in sizes to fit nearly all smartphones.
Armor-X’s Armorcase offers an exterior lens. The CES representative did not know the lens specs.