The overwhelming majority of photographers, even those who derive income from their images, practice the craft alongside their primary gig. And celebrities are no different. While they certainly have fewer budget constraints than the rest of us and easy access to fellow A-listers, there are quite a few with real talent who take their photography seriously. Here's a look at three of them. (via

Bryan Adams

Mia Goth. © Copyright Bryan Adams. All rights reserved.

Canadian-born Grammy and Oscar-nominated singer, songwriter and composer Bryan Adams has developed a photography career that easily stands on its own. His images have been published in numerous fashion and style magazines, he's shot major advertising campaigns and has exhibited in galleries in Europe and North America. You can see his work here.

Andy Summers

© Andy Summers. All Rights Reserved.

Best known as guitarist in the band The Police, Summers has composed a number of film scores, released three books of black and white photography and has exhibited internationally. You can see a selection of his work here.

Jeff Bridges

On the set of True Grit. © Jeff Bridges. All Rights Reserved.

Actor Jeff Bridges has been an avid photographer since his teen years and over the last couple of decades has taken to documenting his time on film sets with a Widelux 35mm panorama format camera. He published a collection of these images in 2003 and is represented by a US gallery. You can see a selection of his recent work here.