Following its 15 years of success in England, ILFORD's mail-in black and white film processing and printing will now be more readily available to North American customers thanks to the new lab in San Clemente, California. As digital photography has taken over, most local labs can no longer provide processing of true black and white film, nor can they print on real silver gelatin paper, instead opting to print black and white images on color paper.

The ILFORD LAB DIRECT mail-in service 'can process any make of black and white film, and prints will be made on ILFORD black and white paper,' according to the company. ILFORD LAB DIRECT accepts 35mm and 120, and turnaround time is 2-4 working days. Basic film development costs $16, which includes 6-megapixel medium scans. See the site for more.

Swan Photo Labs, believed to be the company servicing ILFORD LAB DIRECT. Photo by Ned Bunnell

The physical address listed for ILFORD LAB DIRECT is 946-A Calle Amanecer, which is the address for Swan Photo Labs in San Clemente. Swan Photo Labs is a contract photo processing lab that's been in business since 1993.