LumoPro has announced the launch of the LP742 LightSwitch Speedlight Case and Modifier. The case is made from padded ballistic nylon and is able to accommodate most speedlights on the market. LightSwitch can also be transformed into three types of light modifiers: a reflector, bounce card, and flag. The case features a double-zipper design and a velcro strap on the back.

The LightSwitch case measures in at 9.75x4.5x3.25 inches (24.77x11.43x8.26cm). The reflector portion's height is 6 inches and the width is 7 inches, while the bounce card panel height and width is 5.88x3.25 inches, and the flag height and width is 5.88 x 4 inches. The interior white vinyl is stain resistant. It bears a resemblance to Rogue's Flashbender products, though they aren't designed to be multi-taskers like the LightSwitch.

The LightSwitch case is available through LumoPro's website for $29.99/€34.95, and will be available from LumoPro dealers worldwide.