Professional Photographer Kazuhisa Nishikawa puts his expert hands on FujiFilm's S1 Pro in what is a fairly typical gallery, this time his model is Ayu Okakura.

Taken with a variety of lenses (Ai AF Nikkor 50mm 1.4D, Ai AF Nikkor 35mm F2D, AF Nikkor ED80-200mm F2.8D). Additionally a Circular Polarising filter was used on certain scenes.

Camera settings used: ISO 320, Daylight White Balance, Compression: Normal, Colour: Original, Tone: Original, Sharpening: Off.

Note: original images are not available, all images have been reduced to "web size" (513 x 770).

Click here for Kazuhisa Nishikawa's photo shoot
with Ayu Okakura and a FujiFilm S1 Pro