Here's an interesting new digital photography accessory from Microtech. This small metal case can carry your CompactFlash (Type I or II), SmartMedia, MemoryStick, MMC or PC Cards. Inside a rubber liner is moulded to protect your cards from the enivironment and accidental knocks. Best of all this cool little accessory is only US$15 after rebate! (Until 30/June/2001)

The MediaVault bears more than a passing resemblence to a cigarrette case, however it's contents are very different. The case itself is made of aluminium and feels very strong, the bottom is ribbed. It measures 72 x 110 x 20 mm (2.8 x 4.3 x 0.8 in), just nicely pocket sized! The MediaVault is priced at US$20, however Microtech are currently running a $5 mail-in rebate which will end on 30th June 2001, you can download the coupon here.

Above you'll see the CompactFlash MediaVault which has two spaces for CompactFlash and one for a PC Card / PC Card adapter. The purple material is a medium texture rubber (not totally soft but shock absorbent). The CompactFlash slots will accept either Type I or Type II cards, shown here protecting two IBM Microdrive's. Here is the full range of MediaVault cases:

  • CompactFlash/IBM Microdrive - holds 2 CF cards + 1 PC Card adapter
  • SmartMedia - holds 4 SM cards + 1 PC Card adapter
  • MultiMedia - holds 4 MMC cards + 1 PC Card adapter
  • MemoryStick- holds 4 MemorySticks+ 1 PC Card adapter
  • PC Card - holds 2 PCMCIA cards

If you consider your photos as precious then consider they're only as safe as the card they're stored on. I can recommend Microtech's MediaVault to keep your cards safe.

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