Sony has introduced two 4K-capable modular cameras, including the F55 which has a Super 35-sized sensor with a global shutter. The specifications of the two cameras are pretty overwhelming - 16-bit Raw recording, parallel 2K and 4K recording, but the biggest news is the global shutter - the ability to capture all pixels simultaneously, rather than one line at a time - totally eliminating rolling shutter effect.

Many of the F55's specifications are promised for future delivery, but the expectation is that it will be able to record 16-bit 4k Raw to an optional offboard AXSM memory card module (the AXS-R5 RAW recorder) while also capturing identically time-coded footage on its internal SxS memory cards. The internal footage can be captured in a range of resolutions and industry-standard formats, ranging from MPEG2 HD 8-bit footage at 50mbps up to 10-bit XAVC 4K at 300mbps. The camera itself can capture footage at up to 180fps for 2K/HD without line-skipping, or at up to 240fps in 2K Raw with the AXS-R5 recorder module.

The camera comes with a PL-mount adapter fitted but this can be removed for use with native FZ mount that can be adapted to use a variety of popular still-photography mounts. The camera is reported as being available from February 2013. We are awaiting confirmation of price from Sony.