Godafoss - Waterfall of the Gods - is one of the most striking natural features of Iceland, a country famed for, well... striking natural features. My Modern Metropolis has published a gallery of 12 stunning images of Godafoss, including a shot taken by dpreview contributor Erez Marom.

Photo credit: Erez Marom

Erez visited Godafoss to scout locations for a workshop he's running this winter, and in his article, published earlier this month, he described the tough conditions he faced:

'apart from the sky being bleak, the winds brought unending spray from the waterfall. at -10 degrees centigrade, the spray immediately froze on my front polarizing filter, turning the shoot into a Sisyphean task consisting of composing, focusing, then wiping the stubborn ice off the front filter for about a minute, then checking focus and composition again, then wiping again if needed, and only then shooting one image before repeating the whole process.'

Sounds like fun. You can read his full 'behind the picture' article here, and scroll down for the other 11 images in this gallery. 

Photo credit: Skarphéðinn Þráinsson
Photo credit: Valeriy Shcherbina
Photo credit: Vincent Bourrut
Photo credit: Dennis F
Photo credit: Andy Mumford
Photo credit: Sarah Marino
Photo credit: Pome Acro
Photo credit: Antony Spencer
Photo credit: JStephane Vetter