The accessory brands Lastolite and Manfrotto, both of which are owned by the Vitec Group, have combined to form the new brand 'Lastolite By Manfrotto'. The new brand name will eventually encompass the entire Lastolite product range, but for now it includes a new version of the Ezybox Speed-Lite softbox for hotshoe flash units and three new scene-painted backgrounds.

Lastolite has completely redesigned its hotshoe softbox for Ezybox Speed-Lite 2. While the construction is still collapsible for easy storage and quick set-up and take-down, the front diffuser now fits over the whole of the main 22x22cm/8.66x8.66in aperture like a cap instead of fitting inside the opening. A new silicone strap holds the box on the flash unit by wrapping around the horizontal part of the head and tightening with a mini-racket to make sure it stays in place.

As before, the softbox comes with a removable internal diffuser that adds extra softness to the light while reducing intensity by a total of two stops.

The new branding is also applied to three new double-sided Perspective Backgrounds aimed at the portrait market. They show stairways, city streets, arches and a woodland scene and measure 1.5x2.1m/59.06x82.68in when unfolded. As with most Lastolite products, the backgrounds collapse and fold into a bag – in this case 92cm/36.22in in diameter. 

The Ezybox Speed-Lite 2 will cost £49.99/$68.99 and the Perspective Backgrounds will cost £169.95/$207.99 when they go on sale later this month. For more information visit the Lastolite website.